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Basic Blogging Tips And Advice

Basic Blogging Tips And Advice

6 Reasons for You to Start Your Own Blog

Blogs are getting increasingly more popular day by day as they are excellent and easy tools for sharing with the worldwide reach. If you are thinking of starting your own blog but do not know why and about what you should make a blog, the following guidelines will help you to create one.

1 – To Share with Family and Friends

As a blog is formatted diary or personal blog, but unlike in a traditional book as the first item is the most recent (read from back to front, but probably never reach the end) is a useful space to share with family and friends (if you want you can determine who has access to it) your everyday, photos, videos, personal stories and experiences. For examples, people who have migrated from their countries share adventures and misadventures abroad, pregnant women and mothers who are keeping track of their experiences can blog.

2 – To Help Others

If you have experience or passion for subject that can benefit others, a blog is a good way to do it. For example, as a mother, you can blogs about nurturing children covering all aspects of child upbringing.

3 – To Display Your Talent

If you are passionate and an expert in a field or profession, you can start your blog and expose your talents to the world. You can blog about finance, immigration, technology, gastronomy, sports, writing, photography, videos, etc.

4 – To Sell or Promote Something

If you own your own business or product you want to promote, with a blog you can catch the interest of users who are looking for your services or products such as beauty, fashion, property, crafts, etc.

5 – To Earn Money

It is possible, but most bloggers earn very little or nothing directly with their blogs. Although the desire for earning money can be a reason for you to start your journey as a blogger, you will need perseverance, dedication, patience, and above all you have to be very passionate about what you write.


The ways to make money with a blog are multiple as advertising, affiliate marketing, etc. Remember that blogs generally require a slow and long process to generate some income.

6 – Just for Fun

These spaces have become so popular because they are free and you can write about whatever you want i.e. your favorite music, actor you hate, your wife, your mother or next door neighbor.


There is no restriction if you do not know exactly why or why you want to start a blog because nothing would stop you and who can tell that you will find a hidden writing talent in your journey to blogging. These pieces of blogging advice will greatly help you if you follow them with care and perseverance.